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CSR & Sustainability Overview


As a committed corporate citizen, Kerry Properties continually works to inspire transformative business leadership in the areas of social responsibility and sustainability. The Group believes in actively nurturing the well-being and development of the broader society in which we operate. Through implementing practicable policies, Kerry Properties encourages a positive impact on the environment, customers, employees, communities, and all other stakeholders.

The passionate commitment and participation of our staff are essential to the successful implementation of these policies. By fostering the energy and creativity of our colleagues and their families, Kerry Properties aims to build a culture based on strong team spirit and caring for the community. The Group believes that sustainable business growth is based on sustainable business practices. As the world becomes increasingly globalized, even the smallest actions we take to improve society can have a widespread effect. This belief underpins our employees’ commitment to a broad spectrum of worthwhile causes in the areas of charitable support, caring for the elderly and disadvantaged, education, environmental pollution and climate change.