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Value Chain and Stakeholder Engagement

Working Hand in Hand with Supply Chain Partners

Working hand in hand with our supply chain partners, we have worked to respond to societal needs, in particular during the health crisis. The project team at Resiglow-Bonham and their building contractors, which together received a Platinum Award for excellence in green leadership in our ‘6th Green Construction Site Award 浙ICP备14035377号-2’, decided to allot their prize funds to acquiring 7,000 surgical masks for low-income families in Hong Kong.

The Wong Chuk Hang Station Package Two project team and their building contractors won a Gold Award under the same category. Their prize was donated to Rhys, a social enterprise, to co-ordinate the hand-crafting of 50 winter jackets by women from the grassroots. These garments were then presented to seniors served in the elderly service centre.

A range of initiatives for our staff and business partners in Mainland China and raise the sustainability awareness. A waste separation competition for our staff members and tenants at Shenzhen Kerry Plaza. In line with the implementation of the waste separation management regulations in Shenzhen, our office in the city began compulsory workplace waste classification in September 2020. Rubbish bins at workstations were all replaced by centralised and categorised collection points.

Responsible Consumption and Production

KPL is a world-class property company with its major focus on developing and managing high-quality residential and mixed-use developments in the Mainland, Hong Kong and certain parts of Asia.

From the very beginning we have set out to operate in a manner that conserves and best utilises resources. We aim to give back to the community we serve, and to create a better living environment through the properties we develop, in the hope that generations to come may inherit a better future.

We apply principles of fairness and integrity in our dealings with staff, suppliers, partners, government agencies, and other key stakeholders, and place great value on the relationships we have developed with them over our long history. These principles are in line with our pledge to achieve United Nations’ (“UN”) Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) – Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.