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Establishment of Core Policy Statements, Standardised Practices and Procedures

Ethical Guidelines set out the framework for the formulation of a number of core policy statements, encouraging our staff to conform with relevant principles in the promotion of responsible and ethical business practices in the workplace. The policy statements were updated in 2018, guiding our renewed efforts in implementing policies on fair competition, sustainable procurement, health and safety, customer relationship management, responsible marketing, anti-corruption measures and whistleblowing. To ensure that our policies stay up to date with global sustainability trends and relevant local regulations, they are being constantly reviewed and renewed.

To facilitate policy management and execution, we have established standardised practices and procedures, and ensured that sufficient and continuous training is provided to the staff members concerned. To effectively apply sustainability principles throughout the supply chain, regular sessions and seminars have also been held to engage our suppliers. As a further step, we utilise our various communication platforms to share sustainability information with staff, tenants and residents.

Caring Physical and Mental Well-Being of Stakeholders

The Group links its human resources policies with the United Nations’ (“UN”) Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) – Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth. To achieve this, we are constantly monitoring and strengthening our policies and practices to promote diversity and equal opportunities, eliminate all forms of discrimination, protect labour rights, create safe and secure working environments, and provide staff with training and development opportunities.

To maintain a healthy workplace, it is crucial to promote a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.
One example was the very successful competition, My Plant, held at our Hong Kong corporate office. More than 90 colleagues participated by bringing their own plants to the office to compete for ‘best in show’. After the competition the plants were placed on display at our office.

Our various Mainland business units have organised a series of sports events and tournaments. More than 200 players, including our tenants, took part in the regional badminton tournament back in 2020. Understanding that emotional health is equally important, a “Raindrop Listens” programme is in place offering a 24-hour counselling hotline service managed by professional counsellors.

Family-Friendly and Discrimination-Free Employment Culture

It is a significant part of our culture that our employees feel respected for making their family a priority. We support initiatives that allow staff members to achieve a balanced life between work and family. These range from family days, to internship programmes for staff’s children, and provision of supportive facilities for breastfeeding.

We are committed to offering equal opportunities despite differences in gender, age, race, religious belief, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, disability or ethnic origin. With emphasis of workplace gender equality, enforcing a fair and inclusive employment strategy, we review our compensation and benefits on an ongoing basis to stay competitive in the market and to ensure gender equality and fair remuneration to all.

Staff training and development

With the mission of developing a high-performance team to spur the continuous growth of the Group, we are constantly updating and strengthening our talent development efforts. In 2021, we revamped our online learning platform, and furthered our efforts in skills and leadership training.

EnvironmentValue Chain and Stakeholder Engagement